UCB Radio on DAB

DAB is the most popular way of listening to digital radio in the UK. According to RAJAR, over 29 million adults own a DAB radio (and growing). Since UCB's mission is to reach as many people as possible we're committed to providing great UCB Radio on the DAB platform.


UCB 1 is available nationally on DAB across the UK. For more information on DAB coverage and compatible devices, visit getdigitalradio.com.


UCB 2 is available nationally on DAB. You can check your coverage to see if you're able to receive it in your area.


UCB 3 is not currently available on DAB. It was previously broadcast in the Yorkshire region (as UCB Gospel) until June 2015. You can tune into UCB 3 online or through UCB Player.


DAB Changes in Staffordshire

If you live in and around Staffordshire and listen to UCB 2 on DAB your radio may now display "RETUNE" instead of "UCB 2".

You have until the end of April to retune your radio to the new channel for UCB 2.

This is because the local transmitter that covers the Staffordshire area - is no longer required by UCB now that UCB 2 is broadcast nationally on a different channel.

Firstly, check you can receive UCB 2 using Digital Radio's postcode checker.

Then, if you can, retune your radio following these retuning guidelines.

If you need any further help please contact ucb@ucb.co.uk.

How Do I Listen on DAB?

DAB radios are not like traditional radios that many of us are familiar with - you don't need a 'frequency' to tune in. Instead on a DAB radio, all the available radio stations are listed alphabetically on the digital display, so if you're looking for a UCB station on your DAB radio, you just need to adjust the dial to 'U' until you find us in the list.

If you don't yet have a DAB radio, they are available (prices starting from around £25) from major supermarkets and other high street electrical shops. It couldn't be easier - wherever you can get a DAB signal in the UK, you'll be able to listen to UCB UK. If you would like to listen to UCB Inspirational on DAB, you'll need to check that it is available in your area first by putting your postcode into the postcode checker

If you have any questions about tuning in your radio or how to find us, do email us at info@ucb.co.uk